Sumo Participation in the III World Nomad Games 2018.

A Report from the Kyrgyz Republic Sumo Association.

Dear sumo family,

Kyrgyz Republic Sumo Association is glad to inform that on September 2-9, 2018 the III World Nomad Games 2018 (WNG-2018) was held in our beautiful Motherland, Kyrgyzstan. During the week, 1976 representatives of 74 countries competed in 37 sports. Nearly 600 media workers were accredited to the III WNG. About 250 of them are from Kyrgyzstan, the rest came from more than 50 countries.

This year Sumo wrestling for the first time was included to the WNG-2018 thanks to the hard work of our association and support of a lot of people and organizations. We are very thankful for those federations who could come and participate in this very considerable event for our Association.

For the Sumo competition within the framework of WNG-2018, we invited Sumo federations and associations from around the World.

The tournament involving 18 athletes from 14 countries took place on September 5. The sumo wrestler from the Tyva Republic, (Russian Federation, Siberia) Mongush Aydin took the first place.