Anna Poliakova (Russia) has been nominated for Best Athlete of the Year 2018 by the IWGA-The World Games!

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Anna Poliakova's winning streak in The World Games and the Sumo World Championships started in 2008.

Previously competing as Anna Zhigalova, she is a 5-time Gold Medalist in the Open-weight category with two Gold Medals in the Heavy-weight category in between, in the last 7 Sumo World Championships. She has participated in The World Games 2009, 2013, and 2017, winning both the Heavy-weight and Open-weight categories in all 3 of the Games, resulting in her 6 Gold Medals and making her one of the most successful athletes in The World Games.

The International Sumo Federation nominates Anna Poliakova (RUS) for the IWGA Best Athlete of the Year 2018 Award.

Ms. Poliakova's has won the Gold Medal for every World Championships since 2008, the last 3 World Games, as well as the last 2 Combat Games and IFS truly commends her dedication and commitment to the sport of Sumo.

Ms. Poliakova has not only raised the standards of Sumo, but also has become a symbol of strength both in mind and body.

Poliakova's candidacy will also pose to increase interest not only in Sumo itself, but also women in Sumo.