International Sumo Federation

Chapter 1 : Judges

Article 1 :
Judges shall be restricted to authorized International Sumo Federation (hereinafter referred to as "IFS") judges chosen by the IFS Board of Directors.
Article 2 :
A judging panel shall consist of a head judge, a gyoji (referee) and four judges for a total of 6 members.
The head judge is entirely responsible for determining the result of a bout.
The gyoji assumes control of a bout from the time when the competitors mount the dohyo until they step down from the dohyo upon completion of the bout.
The duties of the four judges are to assist the head judge to ensure that there are no errors in the decision.
The shomen (front) judge shall also function as the timekeeper.
Article 3 :
The judging manager (shinpan kanji) is responsible for the assignment of judges and gyoji in addition to all other general affairs pertaining to refereeing.
Article 4 :
The clothing of judges shall be in accordance with the following regulations.
(1) The head judge and judges shall wear suits, white shirts and ties. (If the International Sumo Federation designates a particular jacket, pants or tie, these shall be worn.)
(2) The gyoji shall wear white pants, white shirt and a black bow tie.
Article 5 :
When the head judge deems a judge or gyoji to be incompetent, he shall report that person to the Competition Committee. The Competition Committee's Chairperson shall announce the decision regarding the matter after deliberation made among the Committee members.