At the International Sumo Federation Board of Executive Directors held on 16 November 2007 in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the
International Sumo Federation (hereafter referred to as IFS) accepted the recommendation of the IOC 2000 reform Commission
that "athletes should be well represented at all levels of the sports movement: IOC, IFs, NOCs, and NFs. The establishment of the
IFS Athletes’ Commission is to be adopted and implemented in conformance with IFS’s responsibilities. And it is in furtherance
of IFS’s continuing efforts to encourage each National Sumo Federation of IFS (hereinafter called the “Country Federation”) to form athletes’ commissions.
The main responsibility of the IFS Athletes’ Commission (hereinafter called the “Commission”), as provided in Article 36 Clause 2 of IFS RULES, is to provide a means of ensuring that the IFS is aware of the opinions of current active sumo athletes concerning major issues affecting the sport.
It is the responsibility of the Country Federation to ensure that all opinions of current active sumo athletes concerning major issues affecting the sport be made known on the national level.
This Code shall apply to IFS and every Country Federation with regard to athletes' membership, member status/position, accreditation, activities, and other participation in IFS and every Country Federation.
The mission of the Commission is to represent the views of the athletes of IFS and/or a Country Federation.
The objectives of the Commission are:
2.1 to consider issues relating to athletes and to provide advice to Country Federations;
2.2 to represent the rights and interests of athletes and to make related recommendations; and
2.3 to maintain communication with all the athletes’ commissions of Country Federations.
3.1 The Commission shall have a minimum of 6 members.
3.2 They shall be at least 16 years of age, and have never been sanctioned for a doping offence.
3.3 The Commission shall be composed of a majority of athletes who, at the time of their election/nomination, are participating at a national level, or have done so within the previous 4 years.
3.4 Both sexes shall be represented within the Commission, and when applicable, there should be a reasonable balance between men and women sumo members.
3.5 The majority of the members of the Commission must be elected by their peers.
3.6 The Commissioner’s term is 2 years. Re-election is permitted.
3.7 The Members of the IFS Athletes’ Commission shall become ex official members of the Commission. They have the right to vote at meetings of the Commission.
3.8 The Commission shall have a Chairperson, and appropriate number of vice Chairperson(s).
3.9 The Chairperson and vice Chairperson(s) shall be elected by the members.
4.1 The Commission shall elect six representatives for IFS Board of directors.
4.2 The Commission shall be represented at the IFS Executive Board of Directors by minimum one member.
The representative(s) shall be elected either by the IFS General Assembly or the Commission, and he/she/they shall have the right to vote at those boards.
5.1 The Commission shall meet at least once a year.
5.2 The Chairperson shall convene the meeting of The Commission.
5.3 IFS shall be responsible for ensuring, within its means, that the Commission is able to meet.
Supplementary Provisions
1 This code shall take effect as of 6 October 2008.
2 The first election of Athletes’ Commission members upon the enforcement of this Code shall elect two members from each
Continental Federation. The term of the members shall be until 31 March 2009, regardless of Article 3 Clause 6 (3.6).
3 The Members elected under the above provision may attend the IFS meetings, regardless of Article 4 .
Supplementary Provisions
This code shall take effect as of 15 October 2010.