Name List of athletes who had positive Doping test result year 2015 to present

Name Country Event Remark
Andre J.Coleman USA SWC 2015 Osaka

Found prohibited substances in urine without TUE approval
Sanctioned as follows:

-  4 year period of ineligibility  (2015 – 2019) (No medal)

BAATAR,Banzragch MGL SWC 2015 Found prohibited substances in urine without TUEs approval
Sanctioned from May 20, 2015-Oct 20, 2019
-   4 year period of ineligibility  -   Disqualification of the results. (No medal)
KARA,Eres RUS European championships 2011 Found prohibited substance Norandrosterone in the athlete’s sample. Sanctioned as follows:
-  2 years period of ineligibility ending on 1st March 2018.
-  Disqualification of the results of the Athlete obtained during the 2011 European Sumo Championships, including forfeiture of medals, points and prizes.


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