Chapter 1 : General Provisions

Article 1 : Name
This federation shall be called the International Sumo Federation (hereinafter called the "IFS")
Article 2 : Office
The office of the IFS shall be located at 1-15-20 Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
Article 3 : Definition
The use of "sumo" in these rules refers to Japanese Amateur Sumo.
The use of "Country" in these rules refers to countries and regions.
Article 4 : Principles of Equality and Non- intervention
1. No form of discrimination based on race, creed, political opinion or any other reason may be made in the IFS.
2. IFS shall not conduct political activities and shall not intervene in the internal affairs of an organization
that is a member of IFS (hereinafter called a “member organization”).
However, in cases where there is conflict, dispute etc. among multiple member organizations, IFS shall mediate and
make a final resolution.
3. A member organization must not intervene in the internal affairs of other member organizations.
Article 5 : Language
The official languages of IFS are Japanese and English. However, Japanese shall be used for terminology regarding facilities,
equipment and techniques.