Chapter 2 : Objectives and Activities

Article 6 : Objectives
As an international organization for amateur sport of sumo, IFS shall undertake its objectives to internationally propagate and promote the traditional Japanese sport of sumo, as well as to work toward mutual friendship and good relations among its member organizations.
Article 7 : Activities
IFS shall engage in the following activities in order to achieve its objectives stipulated in the preceding Article:
  1. To promote the organization of sumo groups in various Countries;
  2. To establish international competition rules and other rules regarding sumo;
  3. To hold World Championships and other international tournaments of sumo;
  4. To hold seminars and classes on sumo;
  5. To arrange equipment and books etc. for sumo;
  6. To promote the exchange of information between member organizations by publishing bulletins and others;
  7. To carry out other activities which are necessary to achieve the objectives of the IFS.