THE WORLD GAMES 2017 Wroclaw, Poland!

Date: SATURDAY July 22 12:00 pm-
SUNDAYJuly 23 12:30 pm-
Venue: Orbita Hall (ul. Wejherowska32-34 54-239, Wroclaw)

96 selected athletes (48 Men, 48 Women) will be competing against each other in the most intense sumo game in the world!
The World Game is not to be missed!

Official >> THE WORLD GAMES 2017

30th July 2016

  • 14th Junior Sumo World Championships
  • 6th Women Junior Sumo World Championships

31th July 2016
  • 21th Sumo World Championships
  • 12th Women Sumo World Championships

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Please enjoy sumo!

To commemorate the 20th Sumo World Championships return the mother land as Japan for the first time in nine years. The 20th anniversary Sumo World Championships was held in Sakai Ohama sumo, sumo park which located in Sakai city, Osaka which is always a hometown of amateur sumo. This year, all strong players around the world gathering for 30 countries, there are initiatives and express their sumo skill on the dohyo unhidden, overseas and local spectators were entertained very much for this fascinating competition.


JR.MEN TEAM ...1st.JAPAN ...2nd.BRAZIL ...3rd.MONGORIA ...3rd.EGYPT




The rules for Sumo are simple and the winner is of a bout is the one who first drives his(/her) opponent out of the dohyo (straw bales that form the ring) or forces him(/her) to touch part of his body other than the soles of his feet to the ground. The match is decided in a matter of seconds. A good Sumo wrestler respects their opponent, and whether victorious or defeated, they leave the dohyo with honor for a bout well-played. Determination of the winner is clear and easy for the spectators to follow. However, with 88 acknowledged moves including throwing, twisting, and bending techniques, one never knows what will be employed to succeed.


It has been my pleasure to express my appreciation for your kind support.
Now, International Sumo Federation (IFS)’s official website is ready to served.
We will enhance to make this website to benefit all amateur sumo fans.
Looking forward to receiving your continue support and cooperation.
Secretary General : Takahiro ONO
It's a 1,500 years old Japanese martial art, steeped in the Shinto religion.
It's a fast and exciting sport with simple,easy to understand rules.
It's part of the World Games, and is on track for inclusion in the Olympics.
At last count, 84 nations have joined The International Sumo Federation, so it has evolved far beyond its Japanese origins.

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