Chapter 8 : Arbitration for Sport Disputes, etc.

Article 35 : Court of Arbitration for Sport Jurisdiction
  1. The Parties should try to settle any legal dispute arising from or in connection to the Statues, Bye-Laws, or any other Rules made by the IFS.
  2. If the parties cannot settle such dispute amicable, it shall be settled by the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (in the next item called “CAS”) in Lausanne, Switzerland, in accordance with the IFS Statues and Rules.
  3. All decisions made by CAS are final and binding upon the parties.
Article 36 : Athlete’s Commission
  1. Athlete’s Commission shall be established in the IFS.
  2. The Athlete’s Commission’s main responsibility is to provide a means of ensuring that the IFS is aware of the opinions of current active sumo athletes concerning major issues affecting the sport.
  3. The rules regarding the organization and operation of the Athlete’s Commission shall be determined separately after deliberation by the Board of Directors in accordance with the Guidelines Relative To The Creation Of An Athlete’s Commission made by the International Olympic Committee (hereinafter called “IOC”).