Chapter 9 : Ethical Principles

Article 37 : Ethical Principles
The IFS shall provide a mean of respect and promote ethical principles including those contained in Olympic Charter and WADA code.
Article 38 : Ethic's Commission
  1. Ethic's Commission shall be established in the IFS.
  2. The Ethic's Commission's main responsibility is to provide a means of ensuring that the IFS is aware of the updating a framework of ethical principles, including a code of ethics, based upon the values and principles enshrined in the Olympic Charter.
  3. In additional, it investigates complaints raised in relation to the non-respect of such ethical principles, including breaches of the code of ethics and, if necessary, proposes sanctions to the IFS board of director.
Article 39 : Prevention of Manipulation, Betting and Competition Irregularities
  1. The IFS shall provide a mean of sumo integrity from the manipulation of sumo competitions, all national member federations, all sports organizations according to the Olympic Charter.
  2. The IFS shall provide IFS members and all sports organizations with harmonized regulations to protect all sumo competitions from the risk of manipulation.
  3. The code of ethics establishes regulations that are in compliance with IOC.
  4. The IFS bound by the Olympic Charter and the IOC Code of Ethics declare commitment to support the integrity of sumo and fight against the manipulation of competitions by adhering to the standards set out in the code on prevention of manipulation, betting and irregularities of competitions and by requiring IFS members to do likewise.
  5. The IFS and its national member federations are committed to take all appropriate steps within their powers to incorporate this code by references, or to implement regulations consistent with or more stringent than this Code.
Article 40 : Entourage
The IFS shall provide IFS national members and all level of their entourages in sports organizations such as athletes entourage, official entourage with harmonized regulations to protect and must act accordance to such principles for the best interest of sport and athletes.